When I was a kid growing up, I used to wait for my dad to come home

on his BSA.  When I heard that motorcycle coming, I’d put my helmet

on and when he pulled up, I’d jump on the back and we’d go for a ride

on what was then country roads.

I’ve been fortunate over the years to stay in motorcycling. A few

years out of college, a friend of mine took me to the Springfield Mile

for an AMA Grand National race. At the time, I was producing stock

car races for television. I returned home with goosebumps still on my

arms thinking about flat track racing. 

A few weeks later, I had formed a plan.  With the help of my friend

Dave Despain, I was going to bring motorcycle racing to the screen on

a regular basis.  So, I quit my job and started traveling the country,

shooting every race on the schedule. Thirty years later, I think I’ve

covered every discipline of motorcycle racing as well as the wonderful

culture of our non-racing motorcycle community.

XcelerateTV was created for motorcyclists by motorcyclists.  I’ve

surrounded myself with enthusiasts who have helped me bring you a

network for the powersports community—one that’s a mix of great

historical races, builder shows, riding instruction, road tests, lifestyle

and even e-bike stories, the newest chapter in two-wheel evolution.

Please take the time to explore the XcelerateTV app. We will be

constantly adding new content every week, including live events in

the near future.  If you have story ideas or want to get in touch, click

on the contact page and send me a note. We are always looking for

suggestions for how we can make XcelerateTV your preferred

destination. We’ll keep you updated on the latest stories through our

social media channels, newsletter, and web site. Check out Instagram

#xceleratetv and our Facebook page

Few things have stirred my life as profoundly as two wheels, and it is

my goal to feed your riding passion through XcelerateTV.

Rev. Ride. Race.

—Chet Burks, President.

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